With the playing field for software development radically altered by distributed computing applications that span from cloud to mobile to Internet of Things (IoT), efficiency is at a premium. OptumSoft streamlines the software writing process through a platform that replaces the ad hoc approach many organizations use, accelerating revenue time, cutting costs and bypassing all-too-common performance issues.

OptumSoft builds products that help development teams create distributed applications running on cloud-networked systems. We also create benefits for existing apps, making OptumSoft ideal for systems that have been running for several years as well as new deployments. By offering a proven approach, we eliminate the risk and inefficiency inherent in this field.

This approach lets our users take their development to the next level. This means making large-scale application development painless as organizations deploy software far more rapidly and with fewer bugs. When organizations can comprehend and maintain their distributed system programming, it slashes the time between identification of need and customer delivery.

Founded by the world’s leading expert in distributed systems, OptumSoft has been deployed for several years in very large cloud environments and in tens of thousands of embedded systems. Used in industries from gaming to retail, our products play a unique role in the development universe by empowering developers to produce a customized, integrated approach for each application.

OptumSoft not only ensures remaining relevance in a changing development universe, but provides a direct connect to superior scalability, high availability, increased performance and an enhanced bottom line.