Company Name:

Optumsoft, Inc.


The advent of distributed computing applications spanning cloud, enterprise IT, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) has fundamentally changed how development teams create, update, and support mission-critical software. OptumSoft makes it much more efficient for developers to write software for distributed applications – even when extending existing applications – using a platform that replaces the ad hoc approach that many companies use. Our technology, developed by pioneers in distributed state management and cloud computing, helps business leaders and technical teams accelerate their time to revenue, and save money.


OptumSoft was founded in 2004 by Dr. David Cheriton, the world’s leading expert in distributed systems, and is led by Dr. Fusun Ertemalp, who holds PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University. Prior to joining OptumSoft, she was a Distinguished Engineer in Cisco Systems, working on enterprise campus architecture and strategy in switching, virtualization, security, mobility. OptumSoft’s platform has been deployed for several years in very large cloud environments and in tens of thousands of embedded systems.


Dr. Fusun Ertemalp, President and CEO
Dr. David R. Cheriton, Founder and Chairman